2016 – Multiple Miles for Myeloma

2016 – Multiple Miles for Myeloma

The 7th annual NOVA HOTELS – Multiple Miles for Myeloma (MM4M) was held July 16 under sunny skies, with 269 registered participants taking part in this fund event raising money for the support of myeloma research at the University of Alberta and Cross Cancer Institute. The final total raised -more than $95,000!! These donations were combined with other funds to present a cheque for $146,900 to the University of Alberta and Cross Institute for Myeloma Research during the October Educational Conference.

To ensure 100% of donations go towards Myeloma Research,  we rely on the generously of sponsors and volunteers.

Sponsors for 2016 include:

Nova Hotels (major Sponsor), Western Moving and Storage,  University of Alberta, Running Room, Corus Entertainment, WCI (Whyte Communications Inc.), Quantum Speed, Dairy Queen (Namao, Palisades, Newcastle & Mornville), Tim Hortons (Namao), Cobbs Bakery (Namao), H&W Produce (Kensington), ATB, Judy McKenzie, Henry Wisselink, Promotional Wearhouse, Costco (St. Albert), Celgene.


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