Fund Development

Myeloma Alberta Support Society (MASS) is proud to forward 100% of all donations and funds raised directly towards Myeloma Research at the University of Alberta and the Cross Cancer Institute.  Event expenses are offset by registration fees and corporate support.

The Myeloma Alberta Support Society is a registered Society in Alberta under the Societies Act. Tax receipts for donations, to Myeloma Alberta Support Society, will be issued by the University of Alberta as our selected researcher.

Employer/employee matching donations please use University of Alberta Charitable Donations #108102831RR0001

The Myeloma Alberta Support Society raised in excess of $830,000 mainly through our signature event “Multiple Miles for Myeloma” – an annual Walk/Run, additional funds come from individual donations, memorial donations, smaller fund raising initiatives and casinos.


For further information contact:

Bob Thiessen 780-988-6983 or email us: or by mail:
Myeloma Alberta Support Society
PO Box 76135 Southgate
Edmonton AB T6H 5Y7


Donations are normally monetary however special arrangements can be made for the donation of Securities.  For more information email

Confidentiality of Personal Information: Myeloma Alberta Support Society uses your personal information solely for the purpose of the society operations and does not distribute or provide this information to any other organization.

Donations made to Myeloma Alberta Support Society are currently issued Tax Receipts through the University of Alberta as our selected Researcher. The University of Alberta may retain these names and may use them for future fund raising campaigns related to the University of Alberta. To donate to Myeloma Research in Alberta please click on the “Donate here” link below.

Donate here


If you are receiving unwanted solicitation from the University of Alberta for  other Fund raising not related to Myeloma Research in Alberta please contact Matt Weaver at 780-492-6565 or by email ( This must be done by each individual donor, and cannot be done by a third party.