2015 – Multiple Miles for Myeloma

2015 – Multiple Miles for Myeloma

The 6th Annual Multiple Miles for Myeloma was once again a ‘successful and fun event’ bringing together myeloma patients, families, friends, doctors/scientists, and volunteers. Donations have to date surpassed $113,000. and continue to come in.

On the morning of July 18 the energy was high. The opportunity to make a positive difference for Myeloma patients by raising funds and showing support to promote Myeloma Research in Alberta while raising the awareness of Myeloma.

Two new enlightening activities took place, expanding the awareness well beyond the excitement and people gathered in Hermitage Park on Saturday morning. The High-level Bridge was lit in Myeloma colors the night before the walk/run to bring awareness to all of Edmonton.

high level lite

The following day ATB lit their downtown tower in Myeloma colors to draw attention and support those with Multiple Myeloma.  ATB also interviewed Jane Hettinger and published it in the July 16th edition of ATB News.

ATB lights

To read the full interview in ATB News click on read more

Dr. Linda Pilarski and Dr. Chris Venner spoke providing the group an update on new developments in both Research and Treatments providing all positive hope for the future.

Some notable points from this years event were:

  1. The number of donors supporting each participant increased (great job of fanning out by the participants)
  2. The average size of Donation increased
  3. Several New teams and individuals joined the event.
  4. The Introduction of a fun event station by “Western Moving & Storage” was well received and provided a fun break for walkers and runners.

Terry Kirkland, President of the Mayfield Rotary was joined by rotary volunteers from both the Mayfield and Urban Spirit rotary clubs to facilitate the Site setup and teardown – Thanks your help and support it was greatly appreciated.

As always time moves along changing us all, we missed those who did not take part this year but were glad to welcome so many new teams and individuals.  If you have pictures you would like to add to this page, please email them to info@multiplemyeloma.ca

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